A treatment plan that works for you

I work with you to set clear goals so we can measure the success of the therapy and be specific about the change that has happened as a consequence of treatment. Sessions are confidential, supportive, solution-focused, and in a comfortable, safe environment.

The initial session is usually 90 minutes, after which each session is one hour. A treatment plan will be agreed at the end of session one. Each session will have an agenda where your treatment goal is discussed and your progression towards it is assessed. Midway through, the sessions will be reviewed as a whole to assess your progress.

During hypnotherapy, you remain in complete control and choose to follow my suggestions, which are shaped through careful consultation and formulation of agreed goals. You cannot and will not be compelled to do or say anything under hypnosis that is in conflict with your personal and moral standards.

It is my passion to help clients experience lasting change and to be equipped with valuable tools and techniques that will spill over positively into all aspects of life.

I integrate Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) and Hypnosis in my practice. My approach is entirely evidence based, meaning I only use techniques that have satisfactory clinical evidence for their efficacy.

The CBT element of my approach helps you to understand the thoughts and feelings that influence your behaviours.

During treatment you learn how to identify and change unhelpful thought patterns that have a negative influence on your behaviour and emotions, so that you can take control of how you interpret and deal with experiences.

Hypnosis is a special way of using various naturally occurring psychological and physiological states.  There are quite a few myths about Hypnosis; for example, Hypnosis is definitely not a state of sleep or unconsciousness.  Most clients report being aware of everything that happens, although slipping deeper into hypnosis at moments may give you the sense you ‘drifted out’.

Hypnotherapy is a collaborative process in which you allow yourself to follow the guidance of the therapist by using your imagination to evoke positive emotions and rehearse behavioural change. Hypnotic suggestion is about experiencing certain helpful ideas at a level profound enough to directly influence your emotions and behaviour.  Psychological and emotional problems can often be seen as a result of negative thinking, whereas Hypnotherapy offers positive ideas that lead to improvement.