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Anxiety, Social anxiety, Weight Loss, Increasing Confidence, Goal Setting, Phobias, Habit Reversal, Smoking Cessation, Performance Improvement

Is anxiety affecting your enjoyment of life? Do you have a habit you want to break? Do you lack confidence in the workplace? Do you have a fear that limits you? Maybe you lack confidence in who you are or how you look?

Whether your issues are related to anxiety, stress or phobias, low self-esteem, weight, smoking, unhelpful habits; or whether you are concerned about an important exam, interview, or presentation, I can help you change for the better.

Combining the two most powerful psychological therapies, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and hypnosis, I help people achieve their goals and experience lasting change to transform the quality of their life.

In the state of hypnosis and with CBT we can reset the way we think and in doing so change the things we do, or how we feel, for the better.



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Based in Hythe near Folkestone, Ashford and Canterbury- I work with clients across Kent

Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapy, Mindfulness and Stress Management


Client with Social Anxiety

Emma has been brilliant in helping me deal with my social anxiety that was starting to interfere with my work, and would cause me to deliberately avoid my friends and opportunities for fear of judgement. After only a few sessions, I started to see an improvement in my behaviour and ability to control my intrusive thoughts. Now I’ve become so much more able to cope with my anxiety and have learned to use relaxation strategies that help me to generally enjoy life more. Getting therapy has given me a whole new outlook and benefited me in so many ways. Emma is extremely empathetic, non-judgemental and helped me identify and find solutions to some of my biggest anxieties. I would highly recommend her!

Weight loss

I made more progress and achieved more change with Emma in a few sessions than I have in years of seeing other therapists

Supporting a Client with Stress Management

I was sceptical of hypnotherapy at first but Emma was fantastic at reassuring me and clearly explaining the benefits of hypnotherapy. I found it very easy to work with her and the hypnotherapy I experienced has been very helpful for my everyday life. I highly recommend her.

Goal setting

I had never been to any kind of therapist before, so was a little nervous before my first session with Emma. I needn't have worried, however, as she made me feel calm and relaxed and she really took the time to properly listen. In my experience she used very effective techniques and I would definitely recommend her to others.

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